The estate

A new home for our wines

The restructuring of our vineyards has been complemented by the modernisation of our winemaking facilities.

Architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte (who designed the new premises at Château Pédesclaux) was entrusted with the renovation and extension of the Lilian Ladouys cellars.

The interior walls of the semi-underground vat house have been given a deep Prussian blue colour, as have those in the barrel cellars where our wines rest peacefully. Chartreuse traditions merge seamlessly into the pure, sleek lines of the new state of the art cellars. These new facilities have enabled us to adapt our vinification practices to suit the needs of the new parcel approach as well as the strict quality standards of our new status.


What you will discover when you step into the vat house at Lilian Ladouys is a world of precision and respect.

The grapes are harvested manually before being sorted twice when they arrive in the vat house.

The two-level structure of the new vat house enables us to work using gravity as much as possible and prioritise vatting techniques and rack-and-return. Cold pre-fermentation maceration is carried out in order to best adapt the vinification process to the raw materials (and not the other way round) whilst extracting the very best from the fruit by honing the tannins. The extraction process takes place slowly and gradually and vatting never lasts for more than 3 to 3 and a half weeks.

Vincent Bache-Gabrielsen, director of the Domaine, has made his intentions very clear : ‘extract as gently as possible in order to accentuate the wine’s depth and precision yet without any sign of rustic strength’.

“Taste is always at the centre of our choices.”

Vincent Bache-Gabrielsen, Manager

Ageing & Blending

1800 barrels rest peacefully in the ageing cellars. Respect and savoir-faire are paramount here. Early blending allows us to transfer the wines to the barrels quickly. The wines are then aged in optimum conditions in our insulated and thermoregulated two-level cellars.

Our philosophy in the cellars is to learn from our history in order to adjust to each new vintage in a new way, to refuse to conform to predefined recipes, to listen to our vines and our terroirs. Blind tastings of our grapes and wines are carried out throughout the year. ‘Taste is always at the centre of our choices’ explains Vincent Bache-Gabrielsen.