Château Lilian Ladouys is a Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel (the top Cru Bourgeois classification) whose deep commitment to organic agriculture is driven by the Lorenzetti family’s passion and the knowledge of the estate’s teams.

Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel

On 20th February 2020, the verdict was handed down: Château Lilian Ladouys had been classified as a Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel! This honour crowns years of hard work and investment by the whole team and additionally highlights the quality of the wines, the exemplary vineyard techniques, the promotion of the wines and the welcome that the estate offers its guests.

Committed to organic agriculture in the vineyards

In 2020, Château Lilian Ladouys has committed to converting the entirety of their vineyards to organic agriculture.

The sense of family

On 24th September 2008, Jacky and Françoise Lorenzetti fell under the spell of Château Lilian Ladouys; their daughter Manon joined them there in 2018. (…)

Château Lilian Ladouys 2020 is now available “En Primeur”

When it came to accommodating the hottest year on record since 1900, we relied on our in-depth knowledge of our soils and the resilience of our vineyards, which are in the process of conversion to organic agriculture. The fragrance of Château Lilian Ladouys 2020 blends fresh blackberries and notes of Burlat cherry; the palate is rounded, powerful and intense, with velvety tannins. The wine has the breadth and generosity to encompass notes of liquorice, orange peel and cocoa.


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A unique “Art de vivre”

Not only are our wines made by Epicureans, they are also made for Epicureans. They bring an extra dimension to gastronomy whilst offering an unforgettable moment of sharing and endless opportunities for food and wine pairing. Take a closer look at our food and wine pairing creations and some of our most memorable events.

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